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Evidence Based advocacy

Evidence based advocacy

This pillar emerged out of the knowledge management, to specifically target policy and decision makers. NETWAS continues to use Action research, demonstration and documentation of good practices, repackaging of information to inform sector decision making, budget allocations and policy revisions to inform advocacy within the sector.  The purpose is to actively feed policy and decision makers with up-to-date information and to provide evidence to influence changes based on authentic facts, figures and field based case studies.

Netwas  offers a multi-disciplinary participatory approach to research and adaptation of the findings into the development and improvement of sector projects and programs. Netwas research projects are implemented with many partners, the primary one being the communities. The knowledge gained from this research is also disseminated to others through NetwasResource  Centre, the Training Courses, Workshops, learning forums, Conferences and other networking avenues.

Netwas is more than adequately equipped to undertake research in management, rural water supplies, water quality, appropriate sanitation technology, hygiene behaviour among others.