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Partners & Supporters

Partners and supporters at NETWAS-Uganda

Meet the organisations whom we have worked with over the years

Simavi, ICCO, European Union / European Commission (EU/EC), Nokiafoundation,Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Osprey Foundation, World Bank, IRC, Africa Development Bank (AfDB), Independent Development Fund (IDF), SNV, Plan International, Water Aid, Ecosanres, NETWAS International

Uganda WASH Alliance

The goal of the Uganda WASH Alliance is to contribute to increased and sustained access to and use of safe water and sanitation services and improved hygiene practices. NETWAS is a member of this partnership working with local partner like JESE, HEWASA, WASEU, AMREF, RAIN and AFRST.  read more

Government Agencies

Over the years NETWAS has worked directly with government Agencies and Ministries to provide WASH services in Uganda through collaboration, partnerships and consultancies. Among these are; Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports and District local governments from the different parts of the country.

Other partners who have joined us on our journey include

           CERFORD, YSP,